Electric kick scooter

Electric kick scooter


Electric kick scooter Mallorca

Electric kick scooter Mallorca. Our electric kick scooters can be rented from our two stores in Palma de Mallorca center city. free collect and delivery at your address for 24h rental. Kick scooter rental are high quality and are rented fully charged for the use of our customers. Electric e-scooter hire with the best company of majorca

Electric scooter hire

Renting an e-scooter allows you to move around Palma without needing to spend money on public or private transport like buses or taxis. Rent Express Mallorca we rent kick scooters on an hourly,daily, weekly basis and monthly. New services, left luggage, rent a bike. rent a scooter and rent a car in our 2 stores in Palma de mallorca, the most economical to palma city center.

Store Palma city centre

calle 31 de diciembre nº 3, 07003, Palma de Mallorca


1 hour .. 10 €

2 hours..18€

By Day 

1 Day..30,00€

2 days ..58€

3 days..79€ 

4 days..99€

5 days..110€

6 days..129€

7 days..139€ (1 week)

10 Days..159€

2 Weeks..199€

1 Month..250€

Contact us

By Phone: +34 697402352 (whatsapp)

email: ade.elevation@gmail.com


we need  your Id, Passport and card bank, credit or debit for deposit by every clients (only number card)

Address to your home, hotel or residence.

Rent Express Mallorca the best rates and options

Whilst you’re on holiday in Mallorca you’ll be able to wander the streets of Palma de Mallorca with your electric scooter only needing to maintain the battery charged to reach your destination.

Where to rent electric scooter in Palma de Mallorca

Very easy,once you step foot on Mallorca in an hotel or in a house,the electric scooter will give you liberty of movements and mobility in the city,villages and beaches without the need to spend money to move around, electric kick scooter rental with Rent Express Mallorca leader and pioneer in lowcost renting in mobility articles.

Offering delivery and collection to your address in Mallorca.

+ We recommend the use of a safety helmet which is included in our charge. We will inform you of sizes before you pick up your scooter.

+ Delivery to your address,complete details,telephone,delivery times please see conditions.

+ Respect road safety,pedestrians and other vehicles.

+ Damages to a third party will be the resposibilty of the driver of the electric scooter.

+ Deposit with a bank card or cash is obligatory.

Immediate availability,however,we would advise you to reserve your electric scooter by filling in the online form.

 Regulations to circulate

+ Our company does not function an app service,neither do we collect in the evening to recharge scooters. The user,our customer is wholly responsible once the scooter has been acquired for the charging of the battery.

+ The electric scooter cannot be left parked in the street at night,you must take it with you to your,apartment,hotel or residence.

+ The electric kick scooter comes with a lock to use during the daytime.

+ It is prohibited to leave the e-scooter parked on pavements obstructing free movement of the public or across public or private access points or anywhere that might be an obstruction to pedestrians or vehicles.

+ The electric scooter can be collected from our shop and must be returned to our shop.

+ Scooters can be delivered to an address and must also be collected from this address the Rent Express Mallorca does not collect from any other designated place in the street or anywhere in the city other than the delivery address.

+ To rent our scooters you must show some form of identification DNI,NIE or passport. Also have a bank card and deposit.

+ The rent of our scooters is not for sharing amongst various people. It is a conventional rental scheme whereby the person who is renting is the only person who can use the scooter whether it be for an hourly,daily,weekly or monthy basis,one user only. The user only is responsable for the use, driving,parking,vandalism or theft.

The user will be solely resposable for any fines or concurrent fines that may arise and the amount will be deducted from the deposit.Fines will always be the resposibility of the customer and not the company. The customer will need to be covered by a civil resposibility insurance and travel insurance that will cover the customer during the rental period.

we offer rent a scooter and rent a car bike rental.


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