Wheelchair rental in Mallorca


Wheelchair rental in Mallorca

wheelchair hire in Majorca/Mallorca and electric mobility scooters. Adult or childrens wheelchair with large wheels, small wheels, wheelchair with “straight leg” system both left and right.

1 week:   30 €
2 weeks: 60 €
1 month: 90 €

Looking to hire a wheelchair? Then look no further! We offer a huge range of different adult manual wheelchairs to suit your needs, available to rent from 1 day onwards.
Our standard manual wheelchairs for rental fall in to two main categories, self-propelled wheelchairs and transit wheelchairs.
Self-propelled wheelchairs have larger rear wheels allowing the person sitting in the wheelchair to move themselves around. The added benefits of a self-propelled wheelchair are that it is easier to climb kerbs and steps as well as being more comfortable over bumpier ground.
Transit wheelchairs have smaller rear wheels meaning the person sitting in the wheelchair needs to be pushed by someone using the handles on the back of the wheelchair.


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