Do you need an appliance or something for your home?

Television hire

Some hotels or residences do not have a television in the room, that is why at Rent Express Mallorca we have the solution for lovers of sports, news or movies.

portable air conditioning

At Rent Express Mallorca we offer you a portable air conditioner that is very easy to install so that you can cool your stay on hot summer nights, lowering the temperature and thus guaranteeing pleasant nights.

Fan hire

Summer in Palma de Mallorca is hot, so we know that a breeze in your home will help you relax. Renting a fan is ideal for your room or home at very affordable prices. We have standing or table fans.

Fridge-freezer-mini bar

We rent fridge, freezers or mini bars in Palma de Mallorca, to store bottles, medicines, meals. In case of repair, breakdown or need, our company rents refrigerators for the necessary time, provided with a small freezer in the upper part. Don’t spoil your purchases by renting a fridge with Rent Express Mallorca.


Do not deprive yourself of your infusions, coffee, tea … your holidays in Palma de Mallorca must be one of the best. Rent a kettle from just € 15 a week.


All hotels in Mallorca do not provide irons. With Rent Express Mallorca, you can go out to eat with your ironed clothes for just € 10 a week.

Hair dryer

Rent a hair dryer with Rent Express Mallorca for only € 10 a week. Our dryers come complete with accessories, nothing better after the sea and the shower.


Getting up in the morning to get your partner or your family happy with good toast. With Rent Express Mallorca, rent a toaster from 15€/week.


With Rent Express Mallorca you can rent a useful microwave for heating, cooking, thawing… for only 25€/week.

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