We rent a wheelchairs for adults or children with large wheels, we also have several models such as the wheelchair with small wheels and others such as the wheelchair with the straight leg system to avoid bending the knee.

Electric wheelchair

We also offer the rental and sales service of manual wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, articulated hospital beds, walkers, walkers, crutches. People with reduced mobility can contact us to help them find the solution to be able to spend a pleasant stay in Mallorca, whether it is temporary or long-term.

Walking frame

Rent a walker in Palma de Mallorca, a walker or a walker for your daily trips. Our walkers or walkers are provided with 4, 3, 2 wheels or without wheels depending on the needs of each user. Rent Express Mallorca is the leading company in all of Mallorca for the rental and sales of orthopedic items for your mobility.

Toilet seat raiser

Some hotels or homes do not provide or the toilet with elevator is not adapted for people in need. We rent an ideal hoist and easy installation for people with reduced mobility.

Mobility scooter hire

Electric scooter rental in Mallorca, large models or removable small models, with an autonomy that allows you to travel many kilometers, ideal for people with reduced mobility to make your holidays as pleasant as possible. Service with home delivery or hotels throughout Mallorca.

Electric bathtub lift

Electric bathtub lift, Aquatec brand of optimal safety and well being for the user, will facilitate entry and exit without effort. The backrest can be tilted and is operated by a completely independent remote control and in total safety for the user.

Electric hospital bed

Renting an articulated bed for the comfort of the user is to invest in their well-being, all hospital articulated beds come equipped with safety side bars and a mattress with a protective cover. We have a wide variety of accessories for rent or for sale, such as oxygen concentrator, lifts for people, IV carriers, adjustable tables, secretion aspirator, among many other items.

Electric patient lift

Useful for people with reduced mobility and who cannot move by themselves, get out of bed. Rent a crane for patients with reduced mobility with home delivery and at the best price with a high quality service.

Shower chair

The chair is exclusively designed to sit during the shower. First of all, it is safe because it has non-slip studs, adjustable in height to be able to adapt it to the user’s size. It has a backrest although it can also be removed according to the user’s comfort. Several models available with wheels, toilet.

Bath seat

Bath chair made with a swivel system to facilitate entry and exit during the bath, very easy to install. Both for rent and for sale of swivel chairs for bathtubs. They facilitate entry and exit in the bathtub very easily for people with reduced mobility.

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