Mobility scooter hire in Mallorca

Mobility scooter hire in Mallorca

Different models

Mobility scooter rental in Mallorca, large or small models, with an autonomy that allows you to travel many kilometers, ideal for people with reduced mobility to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. Service with home delivery or hotels in Mallorca.

Mobility scooter hire in Mallorca

Small & Removable

  • 1 week: €65
  • 1 month: €200


alquiler scooter electrico en mallorca

Big mobility scooter

Large & Comfortable

  • 1 week: €75
  • 1 month: €220

alquiler scooter electrico en Mallorca

Contact us

  • (+34)697 40 23 52
  • We use WhatsApp



Home/hotel delivery

We offer a delivery service to your home, hotel in Mallorca. Our company is a leader and pioneer with a rental fleet of electric scooters, we position ourselves as a leader in services and prices.

Various mobility scooter 

Our large model electric scooters complying with European regulations come equipped with lights, electro brakes, very easy to handle and with great autonomy that will allow them to travel to places in Mallorca without any barriers.

Quality and safety

You will be able to feel free, a quality scooter with great autonomy that during the trip at a constant speed and with views of the Mediterranean Sea will not leave you indifferent.

Why rent an mobility scooter scooter?

Our large volume models have a great autonomy, some models of up to 35 km. We rent several different models of mobility scooter, including detachable electric scooters to transport in the trunk of a car. We have a wide variety related items for rent or sales. 

Visit the center of Palma

With the electric scooter you can perfectly visit the capital Palma de Mallorca, and circulate freely without barriers through the historic center full of old streets, shops and workshops.

wheelchair rental and mobility care 

We also have commode chairs for rent, manual or electric wheelchairs, electric beds, patient lift and a wide variety of orthopedic items, so that your vacation in Mallorca is one of your best memories.

What do we do?

We also rent and sell all mobility items such as walkers, walker rentals, wheelchairs for children or adults and many other items related to orthopedic rental. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobility  scooter hire in Mallorca

Fill out our form with your name and surname without forgetting your telephone number so we can contact you. If you are staying in a hotel, you can request delivery.

Mobility  scooter hire in Mallorca
Mobility  scooter hire in Mallorca
Mobility  scooter hire in Mallorca
Mobility  scooter hire in Mallorca

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