Stair climber for disabled

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Stair climber for disabled

Portable stair lift 

The rental of a portable stairlift is the ideal solution to be able to go up and down the stairs of your home that is sporadic, temporary or long-term.We offer several services for renting stairs or sales including assistance in getting on and off the stairs by own technician throughout Mallorca.

Stair climber for disabled 

  • 1 Day € 59
  • Weekend € 90
  • 1 week € 170
  • 15 days € 245
  • 1 Month € 400

Technical assistance going up / down stairs

  • 1 going up / down stairs in Palma € 59 (Palma, el arenal, Marratxi, cala mayor, can pastilla ..)
  • 1 go up / down outside of palma de Mallorca consult

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  • 651 723 263
  • 697 402 352

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Why rent a stair lift?

Renting a stair lift is a comfortable, simple and effortless way to carry a person up the stairs in complete safety. The companion who operates the stair climber will be able to carry out the operation with great ease. The equipment is removable and portable, very easy to transport in a car trunk and runs on rechargeable batteries.

Do you have home delivery?

Yes, we offer home assistance throughout Mallorca for people who prefer that we be our technicians and take or lift the person in need. When delivering to your home, we teach you on site the operation and its characteristics, how to use it, and safety, and if you do not feel qualified, you will be charged €59 for travel and one hour of instruction on how to handle the stair lift. both included in the €59 rate in Palma

Stair climber for disabled 

If you need it sporadically or even several times, the portable stairlift will allow you to go up and down effortlessly, always with a companion and once you don’t need it you can return it, another reason would be the cost of a fixed stairlift and would be an option for The laptop also allows you to easily transport it in the trunk of your car.

Can I operate the stair lift myself?

The portable model must be manipulated by the passenger to direct the handling and speed with a clear and simple control panel, something important is that the electric stair climber does not damage the steps.

Do you rent or sell other orthopedic materials?

We have a wide variety of orthopedic items for rent or for sale such as wheelchairs, cranes for people, articulated beds, visit us in our orthopedic rental section.

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