Rent a beach umbrella

Rent a beach umbrella

Beach items

Rent a beach umbrella in Palma de Mallorca and various items necessary for your stay in Mallorca.

Beach umbrella rental

  • 3 days – €5
  • 1 Week – 1o€
  • Deposit – €20

Where we are

Calle Manacor, 123, 07007 Palma de Mallorca

Carrer del 31 de desembre, 3, 07003 Palma de Mallorca

Why rent a beach umbrella?

Many of us, once we have packed our bags to travel by plane, do not take the beach umbrella, beach chairs or portable cooler.

What’s the point of renting instead of buying?

It is common sense with respect for the environment, when you arrive on vacation on islands like the Balearic Islands you do not take the beach umbrella with you so as not to charge for the beach chair, the refrigerator that you can have at a very low price instead vacation

What happens after when we leave?

Most people go to a container and throw their umbrellas there, the problem is recycling them after use, the danger of passing them by and the excessive amount of broken umbrellas in the containers or even thrown around the corners once to end its use.

For this reason, our company offers to rent a beach umbrella instead of buying them because at the end of summer the containers are full of umbrellas because they do not want to take them to their return destination.

What do we do with the umbrellas after they are finished?

We are aware of the problem of the environment, once the beach umbrellas, beach chairs or portable coolers are not in condition, we take them to a green point where certain of their components will be recycled, we carry out this task with all our items when they have arrived. at the end of its usefulness.

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