Walking frame hire in Mallorca

Walking frame hire in Mallorca

2/4 wheel walkers

Rent a walker in Palma de Mallorca, a walker or a walker for your daily trips. Our walkers or walkers come equipped with 4, 3, 2 wheels or without wheels depending on the needs of each user. Rent Express Mallorca is the leading company in all of Mallorca for the rental and sales of orthopedic items for mobility. We offer home delivery or hotels. Move freely by renting our walkers at unbeatable prices, without any complications, they fold easily for transport or to store at home. Easy to use..

Walking frame hire in Mallorca

  • 3 Days………..15€
  • 1 Week……….20€
  • 2 weeks………35€
  • 1 month………70€

Rent Express Mallorca

Our company is specialized in rental and sale of orthopedic mobility items with the best prices. We have several models from the walker without wheels, the walker with 2 wheels or the 4-wheel model with lever brake or pressure brake. wheelchairs, articulated beds, crutches, among many other items that we have at your disposal.

Contact us

  • (+34) 651 723 262
  • (+34) 697 402 352
  • we use whatsapp
  • e-mail: ade.elevation@gmail.com


Opening time

  • Monday to Friday: 09h30 to 18h30 continuously
  • Saturdays: 10h to 13h
  • Sundays: 10h30 to 13h ( June to September)

Walking frame hire in Mallorca

The two words can really lead to confusion when it comes to choosing the best walking aid and the simplest thing is to explain what you really need, the age of the user and the degree of mobility. Depending on the criteria, the professional can recommend a walker or walker, which would be the same although the word changes.

Diferent models

Depending on the need, there are some without wheels, others with 2 or 3 wheels that are ideal for the interior of a home, having a steeper turning angle, which allows easier entry into a bathroom where the doors are usually narrower.

2 wheel walkers

Provided with 2 wheels in front with plugs at the back that serve as brakes, they significantly prevent falls for our elders. Being equipped with plugs will prevent them from sliding. Made mostly of aluminum, they are not heavy and very easy to handle.

4 wheel walker with brakes

Most of them have brake levers on the handles, they have a seat and a shopping basket.

4 wheel walker with pressure brakes

They have a different braking system, they do not have handles but the same weight of the user when leaning on brakes the walker that also has a basket and seat. The only difference is its braking system.

Rent or sales

We have for rent and sales at unbeatable prices from our website in the orthopedic section a wide variety of wheelchairs, articulated beds, crutches, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs and many more both for rent and for sale.

Our all-rental mobility aids was awarded and announced on regional channels as a pioneer and for its excellent service to help the mobility of the elderly.

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