Rent an electric scooter

Rent an electric scooter

Rent an electric scooter.

Rent an electric scooter in Palma de Mallorca Xiaomi models, you can rent it for 1 hour/day/week or month at very affordable prices. We have 2 stores in Palma de Mallorca to rent an electric scooter and enjoy a good ride. With the best prices and service from €10 1 hour you can rent an electric scooter, or for only €30 1 full day of 24 hours with home delivery (consult).

Electric scooter rental

For hours

  • 1 hour: €10
  • 2 hours: €18

For days 

  • 1 day: €30
  • 2 days: €58
  • 3 days: €79
  • 4 days: €99
  • 5 days: €110
  • 6 days: €129
  • 7 days: €139 (1 week)
  • 10 days: €159
  • 2 weeks:
Important notice: The duration of the batteries is a maximum of 2 hours depending on the weight of the user and the state of the road.

Where we are

Contact us:

  • Teléfono 1: +34 697 40 23 52
  • Teléfono 2: +34 651 72 32 62
  • We use WhatsApp

Rent an electric scooter in Palma de Mallorca

The electric scooter rental is offered with helmets, a padlock and a reflective vest for your safety. In our store in central Palma de Mallorca we offer luggage storage, bicycle rental, motorcycle rental or car rental. Electric scooter rental in Mallorca

Documentation upon delivery or collection in store

You must bring your ID, ID or passport and a bank card for the mandatory deposit. While on vacation, working or simply walking around Palma de Mallorca, you can travel through the streets with your rental electric scooter free of charge, visit the center and the emblematic sites that the capital of the Balearic Islands offers.

Mandatory deposit.

Easy to transport and foldable electric scooter.

Our Xiaomi electric scooters are of the latest generation and can be rented in our store located in Palma de Mallorca, all of our quality scooters are rented loaded for the good use of our customers. Rent Express Mallorca allows you to rent an electric scooter in Mallorca for hours/days/weeks.

Electric scooter rental in Mallorca

Very easy, when you arrive in Mallorca and are staying in a hotel, a rental house, renting an electric scooter in Palma will offer you freedom of movement and you will be able to move around the city and the beaches without having to spend money for your trips that sometimes They are often expensive.

☆ The use of helmets and reflective vests included in our rate. Inform us of the size before collecting the electric scooter

☆ Home delivery for rentals minimum of 24 hours complete information, telephone numbers, arrival times, see conditions.

☆ Respect road safety, pedestrians, other vehicles.

☆ Any damage caused to third parties will be the responsibility of the driver of the electric scooter.

☆ Mandatory deposit by bank card or cash.

Immediate availability of your electric scooter in Mallorca

We advise you to reserve your electric scooter via our contact form, or you can stop by our store.

Information on the regulations for riding electric scooters in Mallorca

Electric scooter rental in Mallorca has restrictions such as not being able to circulate on sidewalks, you can circulate freely on roads with a speed limit of 40 km/h and bicycle lanes. It is totally prohibited to ride scooters on sidewalks, squares, parks, pedestrian areas or other roads that exceed 40 km/h. Helmet and vest are mandatory to ride, accessories included in the rental rate.

☆ Our company does not offer the service with apps nor does it collect the scooters at night to recharge them. The user is solely responsible for renting an electric scooter for a period greater than or equal to the discharge time of the batteries that will have to be recharged.

☆The scooter cannot be parked on the sidewalks at night, you must take it to your apartment, hotel or residence.

☆ A lock is provided with the scooter for daytime parking. Mandatory helmet and vest or reflective clothing, circulate with the light on.

☆ The customer can pick up the electric scooter in our store and the return will be made in our store. For home deliveries and collections, we remind you that no electric scooter for rent with Rent Express Mallorca can be left on sidewalks or other places, our company does not collect scooters in the city.

☆ To rent your scooter in Palma it is essential to present: DNI, NIE or passport. Deposit and bank card, minimum age 16 years to rent an electric scooter with the supervision and responsibility of an adult, no contract will be established for minors.

☆ Our scooter rental in Mallorca is not a shared service

In case of fines

The customer who rents our scooters is solely responsible for their use, driving, parking, theft or vandalism. In case of fines or others such as those listed, the amount of the deposit will be withheld. In case of theft or theft, the value of the scooter will be billed.

We rent cars, scooters, mobility equipment.

The fines are borne by the user and not by the tenant company. The client must respond with their travel insurance and civil liability insurance for damages caused during the rental contract.

Damage to the scooter

All scooters are checked before leaving our store, brakes, brake discs, handlebar status lights, fenders, safety, general appearance, a contract is signed by both parties noting any detailed damage before leaving the store. The client is solely responsible for proper use during the rental period. If upon returning we notice any damage or breakage that was not noted in the contract before leaving, they will be charged for the damages caused.


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